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"When an inner situation is not made conscious it appears outside as fate"

We integrate neuro-counseling research with a depth focused approach, to facilitate lasting neurological changes that impact our resonance with others. This addresses underlying issues from their root cause and plants seeds for growth deep enough to support healing related to trans-generational adaptive response, systemic oppression, and attachment disruption. Our services are individualized, trauma-informed, culturally considerate and based on the latest research. 

Specialty Areas

Feelin Lost in Your Life Journey

Feeling Lost in Your Life Journey

Though many problems and patterns of ours can be within our awareness, there are deeper subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind beyond our awareness. Counseling can help you reach these deeper levels and to strengthen your control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Counseling for the mind can actually change the physical connections in the brain! Transpersonal work can further deepen our lived experience and increase a sense of intuitive and meaningful conscious living. 

Our identities are very complex and ever changing. Many times throughout life we find ourselves searching for who we are. This search can be even further complicated by life transitions and life changing events such as marriage/divorce, parenthood, coming out, loss of a loved one, trauma, changes to school or work,  disability, retirement or just growing as a person.

Trauma, Adverse Life Event and Intrusive Experiences
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Trauma, Developmental Disruption & Intrusive Experiences

Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience that leaves us somehow impacted. The source of the trauma can be physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, relational, and spiritual. Trauma can however look and feel very different from person to person. Sometimes events that we may not view as a 'trauma' have in fact impacted us so greatly that the brain protects itself just the same. Trauma can have lasting effects for years and even a lifetime if not addressed. Sometimes symptoms of trauma can be confusing because they may seem unrelated or seemingly flair up without any identifiable trigger. No matter if you are new to the idea of discussing impactful experiences, or if you have an internal system with diverse perspectives on managing your stress, therapy can be a useful tool. Trauma and neuro-informed therapy can assist in integrating these experiences and adaptive responses into your present day goals and intentions to achieve a sense of confidence, functional internal communication and/or access relief. Some symptoms include flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, absence of childhood memories, sleep disruption, loss of time or spacing out, anxiety/panic symptoms, difficulty with trust or intimacy, social isolation, hyper-vigilance, poor self-esteem, underlying feelings of guilt and shame, internal conflict/multiplicity, or a history of self-destructive behaviors or recurring dysfunctional interpersonal patterns. 

coming into yourself as you come out

Coming into Yourself as You Come Out

Defining ourselves to ourselves is a big order. Understanding yourself and having a support to help you identify strategies to best reintroduce that self to the people we love can ease the journey. Whether you're out and proud but your partner is not, or your wondering if you might want to transition from head to toe, you don't have to do it alone. Minority stress is a very powerful influence and often can result in trauma symptoms when support is scarce. Our providers participate in the interdisciplinary Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group, are familiar with navigating WPATH guidelines, and have received specialized training related to considerations related to facilitating and coordinating care for healthy identity support for those with diversity of gender, sexual development and relational orientations. 

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TEENS and Emerging Adults
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Teens & Emerging Adults

Adolescence and early adulthood is arguably the most drastic time of change in our lives. Literally the brain undergoes the most massive reorganization of our lives! This is when we carve our place out not only within ourselves, but also within our relationships and society. Often this is a time of turmoil, high emotions, risk taking and conflict as brains work to integrate more fully. Counseling can provide a safe and healthy place to navigate challenges that often are not talked about at home. Often teens that would benefit from counseling may engage in impulsive behaviors, mood swings, cutting./self-injury, drug/alcohol use, social problems, or a drastic change in personality or image. Other issues that bring teens and their families to seek support can center of gaining confidence in parenting through LGBTQIA related stress that is unfamiliar to parents. Healthy confident parenting and securely attached youth can literally be a lifesaver during times of high minority stress.

Unique Developmental Needs Addressed with Teen Counseling

  • Parenting Support

  • Identity Development and Healthy Self Expression

  • ​Tasks of Independence & Addressing Risk Taking

  • Hands on, Creative and Interactive Activities

  • Family Support Navigating Alleviation of Gender Dysphoria & Minority Stress

Stress Anxiety and Mood Problems

Stress, Anxiety & Mood Problems

Stress has a huge impact on our lives every day. Often one of the first signs something is bothering us is a disruption of our physical health or sleep... It can all go down hill quickly from there! Stress and anxiety impact our thoughts, behaviors, relationships and our physical functioning. High blood pressure, digestive problems, mood problems, anxiety, racing thoughts, hair loss, decreased immune function, infertility, memory problems, sleep problems, chronic pain and irritability are all symptoms of stress that can be addressed with psychotherapy. 

Psychoneuroimmunology is a growing area of research regarding the preventative health benefits linked to caring for the mind body connection. Things like stress can impact our immune system, so remaining healthy requires attention to both physical and psychological factors. Incorporation of talk therapy, bodywork and Mindfulness to impact the physiological stress response are powerful tools to improve your health and quality of life. The research being done in this area is increasing dramatically as western science catches up with ancient  healing philosophy. 

Chronic Relationshp Problems
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Chronic Relationship Problems

Often the problems we face in adulthood planted their own roots during our youth. Who we are today is a reflection of where we have been. Ongoing emotional and relational problems are often so deep that we are not conscious of our patterns. Depth work can help bring insight to issues that seem to just keep popping up throughout our lives or crashing our dreams. Often these deeper problems show up as family conflict/divorce, problems with coworkers/job loss, or turning to unhealthy coping strategies such as drug and alcohol use.

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Transformation & Healing From Within






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