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Empowering transformation and healing through the process of embodying one's most authentic and integrated self.

As complex beings with highly developed nervous systems, the path to healing often requires an integrative dynamic approach. By centering a bottom-up and top-down approach, the brain and nervous system can be more effectively engaged together, resulting in more effective trauma treatment. 







Just as roots of trees, the neurons within our brains continue to grow and adapt in complex and deeply entrenched ways. At Rooted Therapy we promote deep healing and growth to facilitate lasting transformation. By integrating neurocounseling research with a depth focused psychodynamic approach, sessions are designed to facilitate lasting neurological changes in the brain and nervous system that impact our resonance with others.
We find great satisfaction in supporting clients in accessing the roots of chronic patterns to access significant life improvements. We enjoy uncovering and nurturing the hidden strengths within and safely integrating adaptive traumatic experiences that have served as blocks. We are honored to be a trusted part of the process of growth, healing and empowered transformation.

Our providers embody our mission by individualizing therapy to assure trauma-informed, culturally considerate interventions are based on the latest research.  This approach addresses underlying issues from their root cause and plants seeds for growth deep enough to support healing related to trans-generational adaptive response, systemic oppression, internal fragmentation, and attachment disruption. 

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Rooted Therapy is celebrating
10 Years of growth! 

There are many new and exciting things going on at Rooted Therapy we want to share with you!


We are offering in-person sessions in our new South Charlotte location near SC & continue to expand to bring you new providers and offerings.

Access to care Partners

Our partnership with Project Uplift has also been an exciting addition to assist our LGBT clients in accessing sessions with our providers!

We know you have been waiting!
Sav is joining the team!

The same best practice trauma informed care so that more of your family can get the care they need at the same great practice. Specializing in family work, parent support, queer and poly affirming couples work and developmentally attuned and integrative youth services for gender diverse youth.

get started with Sav!

Individuals - Couples - families

South Charlotte office convenient to SC

We know it has been a journey navigating the pandemic and we are working our best to assure we are offering the best care in the safest way. Our staff is fully vaccinated and we have high quality HEPA 13 air filtration systems in our office.

Both in-office and virtual options are available for all of our NC clients and some of our SC clients. 


Plant the Seed in Session and Grow at Home

Taking a holistic approach to our health can be the difference between solving today's problems and that deeper rewarding change at the root that disrupts a similar issue from rising in the future. 

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At Rooted Therapy we are accustomed to a collaborative approach. In celebration of our 10 year anniversary Rooted Therapy is seeking to add alternative healers and body workers to our team. LGBTQ competent trauma practitioners are encouraged to apply!

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Transformation & Healing From Within






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