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Intuitive integrative healing empowering the manifestation of authentic embodied core.

As complex beings with highly developed nervous systems, the path to healing often requires an integrative dynamic approach. By centering a bottom-up and top-down approach, the brain and nervous system can be more effectively engaged together, resulting in more effective trauma treatment. 







Just as roots of trees, and underground fungal networks, the neurons within our brains continue to grow and adapt in complex and deeply entrenched ways. At Rooted Therapy we promote deep healing and growth to facilitate lasting transformation. By integrating neurocounseling research with a depth focused psychodynamic and somatic approach, sessions are designed to facilitate lasting neurological changes in the brain and nervous system. With our co-regulatory developmental attachment lens, we further understand that healing from within the nervous system will also impact resonance with others.
We find great satisfaction in supporting clients in accessing the roots of chronic patterns to access significant life improvements. We enjoy uncovering and nurturing the hidden strengths within, and safely integrating adaptive traumatic responses that have served as blocks. We are honored to be an affirming and trusted part of the process of growth, healing and empowered transformation.

Our providers embody our mission by individualizing therapy to assure trauma-informed, culturally considerate interventions are based on the latest research.  This approach addresses underlying issues from their root cause and plants seeds for growth deep enough to support healing related to trans-generational adaptive response, systemic oppression, internal fragmentation, and attachment disruption. 

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Rooted Therapy 
Spring Offerings


Meditation & Yoga Offerings

Rooted Therapy is excited to offer semi-private trauma-informed meditation, yoga and integrative therapeutic offerings! Our space is not the typical yoga setting, as we understand that sounds, movement, catharsis, assist, and accommodations are a nature and welcomed part of integrative healing. 

Access to care
Reduced Fee Sessions

Rooted Therapy understands that sometimes accessing the specialty care you need can come with barriers. We have a limited number of funds allocated to provide Access to Care Fee Reduction Scholarships and reduced rate session's with our new UNCC Masters of Counseling intern. To further increase access to care we are currently partnering with the Charlotte Trans Health PATH Program and with Mecklenburg County's EASE program. We are approved providers for free to low-fee psychotherapy for people enrolled in these programs! For more information please fill out our contact form linked below!

South Charlotte office convenient to SC

Both in-office and virtual options are available for NC. Some virtual options for SC clients depending on provider. 


Plant the Seed in Session and Grow at Home

An integrative approach can be the difference between temporary coping and deeper healing that regulates through recurrent  patterns. 

apply today

Rooted Therapy is looking to expand and deepen  our team. Currently seeking part time providers of diverse modalities. bodyworkers, energy workers, and trauma therapists are encouraged to apply!

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Transformation & Healing From Within






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